Daring to Experiment & Opening new Spheres of Experience

Yashar faces new challenges which arise with the passage of time, and is also a safe forum where people can together discuss current issues and cleavages in our societies. The special nature of German-Israeli relations is the foundation on which new structures can be built.

Yashar encourages young people to dare to experiment and to see Yashar as a laboratory. Spheres of experiences are opened up where they can develop new perspectives and approaches.



The various experiences of migration have produced very heterogeneous societies in both countries with global reference points, and they promote a cosmopolitan spirit. The resulting perspectives, contradictions and conflicts are the core issues which Yashar wishes to highlight.

Self-determination and openness are basic values of Yashar; young people who benefit from the foundation’s work, help to design projects from the outset and are included in the creative process.


Relation to Israel

Yashar views Israel`s right of existence as unnegotiable and wishes to encounter Antisemitism which refers to Israel with its activities. Yashar`s goal is to transport a balanced image of Israel and to present the diversity of this unique country to the participants of its projects and to its stakeholders.


Yashar is a Hebrew word and means “upright, straightforward, open, direct, and honest” – This is what we promote.